I’m a german architect and urban planner based in Germany and Argentina. Information on my academic and educational background as well as my involvement in past and upcoming events can be found on this CV spreadsheet which I frequently update. I actively use Instagram for rather unfinished content and works in progress as well as Are.na for establishing, sharing and connecting ideas. To chat or collaborate contact me through my email (mail at sabinekastner dot com). This site is currently in progess.


Casa Soler

Bs As | ARG, 2021 – ongoing
comissioned apartment renovation & rooftop extension
with FLORA


Bs As | ARG, 2021 – in progress
Furniture Series


Bs As | ARG, 2020 – 2021
comissioned mattress warehouse with showroom and offices
with FLORA


Bs As | ARG, 2020 – 2021
restoration work of an apartment from 1912
with Facundo Fernández

Power of Resistance

São Paulo | BRZ, 2020
Short Text – SubmissionTbilisi Architecture Biennial

with Facundo Fernández

Unlearning Categorical

Bs As | ARG, Universidad de Palermo, 2020
Invited Talk


São Paulo | BRZ, 2020
Poem and Illustration


Club Libertad de Wilde

Bs As | ARG, 2020 – ongoing
comissioned Social & Sports Club
with Ignacio Nuñez & Facundo Fernández 


São Paulo | BRZ, 2020


Berlin | GRMNY, 2020 – ongoing

co-founding a publishing house www @

with Facundo Fernández


São Paulo | BRZ, 2020
Short Text – Published in Room Journal ’s ISUUE 2
The Kitchen, coming Fall 2020
with Facundo Fernández, FLORA

Bauhaus Safari

Stuttgart | GRMNY, 2020
Short Text – Submission 2020 Bauhaus Residency
with Andreas Beulich & Alexander Richert


Bs As | ARG, urban context, 2019 – ongoing

Research of Social & Sport Clubs
(Clubes Sociales y Deportivos)

Die Stadt im Präsenz

Stuttgart | GRMNY, 2020
Shortlisted Competition Entry 
with Studio Urbane Strategien,
Treibhaus Landschaftsarchitektur,
Cristina Estanislao Molina, 
Richard Königsdorfer

Unlearning Public Space

Stuttgart | GRMNY, 2020

Research Publication, University of Stuttgart
Städtebau-Institut, Lehrstuhl für Stadtplanung und Entwerfen, 
ith Prof. Dr. Martina Baum

Prescribed Comfort

São Paulo | BRZ, 2019
Short Text & Lecture

Position of Waters

Bs As | ARG, 2019
Experimental Satellite Imagery exhibited
at CheLa


Bs As | ARG, 2019 
Exhibition Conception & Design
at CheLa

It’s a Problem of Perception

Bs As | ARG, 2019 
Short Text

Szenario als Werkzeug

Stuttgart, 2018

Stadtlücken e.V.

Stuttgart | GRMNY, 2016 – ongoing

Founding Member of Organisation


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